They always felt a deep connection to the stars, as if they weren't entirely of this Earth. They are Starseeds, and when they close their eyes, their minds travel lightyears through the cosmos.


Pleiadians are often described as tall, lean, and graceful beings with finely chiseled features. They are said to have light blue or golden hair and striking, large, almond-shaped eyes. Pleiadians are known for their peaceful nature, love for art and beauty, and a deep sense of spirituality and connection with the universe. Many starseeds with Pleiadian origins may feel a strong pull towards environmentalism, healing arts, and creative expression.

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Hailing from the Sirius star system, Sirians are often depicted as having a humanoid form with striking physical features such as angular facial structures, piercing, deep-set eyes, and a regal bearing. They are known for their deep sense of duty, integrity, and unwavering commitment to personal and spiritual growth. Starseeds with Sirian origins may often exhibit strong leadership qualities, a thirst for knowledge, and a keen sense of justice and fairness.

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Andromedans are often described as beings with a serene, angelic appearance, radiating an otherworldly sense of peace and tranquility. They are celebrated for their profound spiritual insight, empathic abilities, and a deep commitment to healing and nurturing others. Starseeds with Andromedian origins may possess a deep sense of empathy, a natural inclination towards holistic healing modalities, and a profound desire to contribute to the well-being of others and the planet.

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The Orion starseed race is believed to encompass a wide spectrum of physical appearances, reflecting a diverse and multifaceted civilization. Orions are considered to be highly adaptable, innovative, and resourceful beings with a profound interest in understanding the mechanics of the universe. Starseeds with Orion origins may display a deep curiosity about technology, science, and may feel an innate desire to explore and expand their knowledge of the cosmos.

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Revered for their advanced technological prowess and profound spiritual wisdom. They are often depicted as having a radiant blue or indigo skin tone, expressive eyes and elongated limbs. Arcturians are known to be highly intelligent, intuitive, and deeply compassionate beings. Starseeds with Arcturian origins may possess a strong desire for innovation, a natural affinity for healing modalities, and a profound sense of empathy towards others.

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Venusians are envisioned as ethereal beings with a delicate, almost translucent appearance. They are often described as having luminous, porcelain-like skin and captivating, otherworldly beauty. Venusians are known for their loving and nurturing nature, profound emotional sensitivity, and a deep reverence for the natural world. Starseeds with Venusian origins may feel a strong connection to the arts, music, and a natural inclination towards nurturing others and fostering harmonious relationships.

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The majestic beings from the Lyra constellation are often portrayed as having feline-like features, combining human and feline attributes. They are known for their rich cultural heritage, spiritual wisdom, and a deep connection to the natural world. Starseeds with Lyrian origins may exhibit heightened intuitive abilities, a deep appreciation for nature, and a strong sense of loyalty and kinship with others.

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