Natural Fabrics

Welcome to TreeMoon, your destination for lifestyle, apparel, and accessories designed for starseeds, astral travelers, lightworkers, earth angels, soul seekers, cosmic beings and dragon keepers of the galaxy! 

Our Clothing

We're here to offer conscious fashion and lifestyle items that speak to your soul while honoring our planet. From sacred geometry to ancient civilizations, our collections resonate with those who seek unity, love, and higher consciousness. With each piece crafted with sustainably in mind, we invite you to join us on this journey towards aligning our lifestyle choices with our heart and spirit.

Our goal

To create conscious apparel options that are healthy for your vibe, spirit vessel and the environment. Our products are made of pure cotton or 100% organic cotton, and are guaranteed to be free of synthetic materials, so you never have to double check our labels.

Why Fabric Matters

Did you know that the fabric you wear can affect your body's energy levels? A study by Dr. Heidi Yellen revealed that different fabrics carry different frequencies, impacting our well-being. According to this study, the healthy human body has a signature frequency of 100 Mhz, a severely diseased human body has a frequency of 15 Mhz. If the fabric has a frequency lower than 100, it puts a strain on the body. However, if the fabric has a higher frequency, it gives energy to the body.

Our Journey

Inspired by these revelations, alongside a wealth of research highlighting the detrimental impacts of fast fashion on both our bodies and the world around us, we embarked on a personal journey. We cleansed our own closets of fast fashion items and made a solemn commitment to forsake synthetic fabrics. This transformative experience solidified our dedication to offering only natural fabrics in our collections. It's a decision based on our enthusiasm towards sustainable and mindful living, and we are grateful to share it with you.