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Lotus Of Life Women T Shirt 100% Organic Cotton

Lotus Of Life Women T Shirt 100% Organic Cotton

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Perpetual Life T-shirts feature the lotus of life symbol, one of the most obscure and mysterious sacred geometry symbols. The Lotus of Life, based on the Krystal spiral and the Krist code in mathematics, has nine radial circles and a nine-petaled flower in the center, which merge to produce a magical connection.


The energy within the lotus of life symbol expands out from zero point (the center) and flows continuously, representing the perpetual flow of life and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth or reincarnation. It’s also really pretty, isn’t it?

Product Details

• 100% Organic cotton ring-spun combed
• Available from XS to 2XL
• Slim fit
• Side seams


Processing & Production: 2-4 days after order

Shipping Time:
European Union - 3-10 working days
Rest Of The World - 5-14 working days

Deliveries are always tracked, we’ll send the tracking number to your email.

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