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Pleiades Starseed Sweatshirt 100% Organic Cotton

Pleiades Starseed Sweatshirt 100% Organic Cotton

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 The Pleiadian Varsity Sweatshirt is a symbol of connection with the wisdom of the Pleiades, embracing unity, enlightenment, and higher consciousness. The Pleiadian constellation's wisdom and compassion guide us toward inner transformation and cosmic consciousness. Embrace your starseed heritage with this celestial fashion piece made of 100% Organic Cotton, perfect for those who resonate with Pleiadian energy.



Pleiadian starseeds, according to esoteric beliefs, are said to have their origins in the Pleiades star cluster, embodying traits such as compassion, healing, and spiritual awakening. These individuals are believed to possess a deep connection to the cosmic energy of the universe. Throughout history, the Pleiades have held significant cultural and spiritual importance to various ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Indigenous peoples. It is said that these cultures revered the Pleiades, attributing it with divine significance and associating it with creation myths and celestial guidance.

Furthermore, recent archaeological discoveries have suggested that ancient civilizations, such as the Maya and Egyptians, may have aligned their monumental structures with the rising and setting of the Pleiades as part of their astronomical observations and religious practices. This celestial alignment may have held symbolic and spiritual meaning, representing a connection to the cosmos and the gods.

Visionaries and thinkers like Carl Sagan and Barbara Marciniak have further delved into the cosmic mysteries of the Pleiades, exploring its potential influence on human history and spirituality. Their work has ignited global fascination and curiosity about the cosmic significance of this star cluster.

The profound spiritual and cosmic connections attributed to the Pleiades inspired the creation of this sweatshirt, symbolizing a cosmic link to the wisdom and wonder of the Pleiades.

Product Details

• 100% Organic cotton
• Regular fit
• Set-in sleeves
• Double-needle topstitch at the neck collar
• Available from S to 2XL

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