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Spiraling Equilateral Triangles Ribbed Beanie 100% Organic Cotton

Spiraling Equilateral Triangles Ribbed Beanie 100% Organic Cotton

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Behold, our Spiraling Equilateral Triangles Beanie—a garment of cosmic significance. Crafted from organic cotton and adorned with a mesmerizing Spiraling Equilateral Triangles embroidery, it's not your run-of-the-mill hat.

It speaks to the universal connections, the ebb, and flow of existence, and the timeless wisdom of the cosmos. And fear not, it's fashioned from breathable, lightweight fabric and natural materials, ensuring both comfort and harmony with the universe as you traverse its boundless mysteries.

Acquire one of these beanies, and infuse your style with a touch of celestial elegance.


The spiraling equilateral triangles, an intricate geometric pattern rooted in sacred geometry, is a unique combination of equilateral triangles and a spiraling arrangement. This intricate design incorporates interconnected equilateral triangles that spiral, representing harmony and unity.

The three equal sides of the equilateral triangle represent balance and stability, while the spiraling arrangement adds a sense of continuous motion and evolution. These patterns represent the interconnectedness of all things and serve as a gateway to a deeper exploration of the deep connections between geometry and spirituality.

Product Details

• 100% organic cotton
• Antiallergic and natural fabric
• Cuffed beanie


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